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Direct experience in leadership for change.

Industry Experience

Our team possesses more than 25 years of combined leadership development, teaching and coaching experience within these complex organizations.  In addition, we have served in leadership roles ourselves, and recognize the needs of leaders to be at the top of their game.  As a result of direct experience and working with C-suite executives, faculty, physicians and system administrators, we can provide an array of professional services that support leaders at every level of academic and healthcare organizations.

Todd Redden, EdD

CEO, Executive Coach & Leadership Faculty

Dr. Redden serves as Founder, CEO and Lead Coach of The Institute for Healthcare and Academic Leadership. He is an accomplished leadership consultant providing coaching and development strategies to senior academic and healthcare leaders. His career path has included working as a clinician, scientist, faculty member and executive leader. Working hand-in-hand with professionals across each of these areas has afforded Dr. Redden with a unique perspective. This provides him with an increased understanding of this world, and strengthens his ability to support this specialized group of professionals through coaching and leadership development.

  • EdD, Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership
  • MA, Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology
  • DiSC: Agile EQ, 363 For Leaders
  • Personality Inventory Assessments
  • Hogan 360 Evaluation
  • Culture Analysis and Consultation
  • Engagement and Satisfaction Assessments

Tyree Harris, Sr., M.Ed., CPC

Executive Coach & HR Consultant

Tyree is a certified executive coach, trainer, and facilitator. He is an accomplished leadership consultant providing coaching, leadership development and human resource strategies, to senior and front-line leaders. Tyree is a U.S. Army veteran with an exceptional background that spans across multiple industries to include law enforcement, manufacturing, professional services, and healthcare. Working in such diverse industries gives Tyree an unmatched perspective on providing exceptional service for our clients. His career path has included law enforcement administration, EEO investigator, senior human resources leader and executive leader. He is skilled in developing succession plans, career development planning, leadership development, employee engagement, and labor relations.

  • Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration
  • Certified Professional Coach, ICA
  • Associate Certified Coach Designation, ICF
  • Lean Certified

All Testimonials

Wayne M. Sotile, PhD

The Sotile Center for Resilience - Psychologist, Author, Speaker

"Dr. Todd Redden passes my two-part 'litmus test' for a non-physician who works effectively with physicians: (a) He understands and respects physicians; and (b) When it comes to practicing his trade -- developing healthcare leaders --he knows what he is doing. I recommend him, highly!"

S.M., M.D.


"I would highly recommend Dr. Todd Redden for any professional coaching needs you may have. I sought out his assistance in helping with interpersonal relationships at work. He gave me the necessary tools and confidence to make positive changes. Today, I am much happier and satisfied at work and feel I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Redden."

D.J., M.D.


"I found Todd to be an experienced coach who listens carefully and facilitates self-awareness and insight. Todd has the appropriate empathy that all healthcare professionals should have which makes discussion of deeply personal topics straightforward. He has a handle on current helpful resources to encourage personal growth and satisfaction in the workplace. I enthusiastically recommend him as a coach."

James Taylor, PhD

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) - Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management Officer

"Compelling, practical, and wise! Dr. Redden is a skilled coach and seasoned corporate executive who has marked the route that every manager can take to assume the mantle of building the next generation of effective leaders. I have experienced his ability to influence and shape organizational culture firsthand. Unlike most others, Todd has the sophistication and grit to illustrate the connection between leadership behaviors and business performance to accelerate the advancement of tomorrow’s executive workforce."

Michael Ruhlen, MD, MHCM, FACHE

Vice President, Medical Education, Atrium Health

"Dr. Redden brings a wealth of significant leadership experiences, formal training in both Clinical Psychology and Leadership, an amazing sense of humor and an impressive capacity for empathy to his work. He is uniquely positioned to drive the advancement of future healthcare leaders of all disciplines."

Kim Little, PhD

Longwood University - Chair/Director, Department of Nursing

"Dr. Redden's keen sense of humor and high emotional intelligence make for the perfect motivational speaker. He engages his audience with thought-riveting scenarios, all the while challenging participants to dig deeper in their own thoughts and perceptions. The result is a transformation that occurs within the individual, either consciously or subconsciously, to become a stronger person, employee, and subsequently a leader."

Jon Joffe, MA

The University of Kansas Health System - Vice President, Human Resources - (Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Atrium Health)

"The leadership expertise needed to coach and develop clinical staff is paramount for successful delivery of healthcare services to a community. Under Todd’s leadership at Atrium Health, we were able to provide exceptional experiences to our physicians, resident’s, nurses and leadership teams. Todd brings enthusiasm for improved performance to every conversation. As an accomplished speaker, he is able to motivate and educate during this coaching and leadership sessions. His support for improved clinical outcomes and safe work environments lead to better processes for physicians/faculty and caregiver wellness efforts. It was a pleasure to have Todd on my team and I'm thankful to have learned from his approach to leadership."

Tyree Harris, MSEd, CPC, ACC

HMR Veterans Services, Inc. - Corporate Vice President, Human Resources

"I had the pleasure of working with Todd for three years as a member of the HR leadership team at Atrium Health. He and I co-facilitated the leadership education and orientation class for new leaders to the organization. I enjoyed facilitating with Todd because he is a very skillful facilitator with a brilliant mind, and sharp wit. I seem to learn something new from him each session. Todd is very astute, extremely perceptive, and is usually the smartest person in the room. He is an influencer who is well liked at all levels of the organization. During our tenure at Atrium Health, Todd was a key leader on our team and many of our colleagues sought him out for guidance and direction, including me. I once sought his guidance on dealing with a challenging customer, and his feedback was very deliberate and concise, and helped me successfully manage that situation. His professionalism, passion for results, and concern for people is first class."

Sam Smith Jr., MBA, CPRW

United Way of Central Carolinas - Director of External Partnerships

“Dr. Todd Redden is an inclusive leader and an authentic person. He was instrumental through his mentorship with me in securing my current position with the United Way of Central Carolinas. He effectively coached me through various scenarios of my career trajectory and why accepting this role would align with my long-term goal. Todd is a forward thinker, collaborator, change agent, and leads with openness and integrity. From facilitation to execution, Todd is an expert when it comes to leadership and coaching.”

Elliott J. Lyons

Vice President, Research & Development at YETI

I worked with Tyree for several years and found him to be very professional and articulate, and someone who takes a lot of pride in his work as a human resource professional. Tyree is always willing to listen and presents both sides of an issue in a balanced way. I would recommend him and his expertise to any organization.

Thomas (Tom) Green, ARM, CIC

Business Development Professional | Captive Consulting & Management

As my company’s consultant for HR related issues, Tyree has provided valuable advice to me in the management of my direct reports. He presents a calm, steady demeanor that is insightful in providing advice on sensitive HR related issues. He has a firm knowledge of employment law and is a trusted advisor with assisting management with development of their people.

Beth Johnston, SPHR

Strategic Human Resources Consultant at LeadRBalance

Tyree is an excellent HR professional with abilities to develop leaders and HR programs to better business outcomes. When we worked together at Premier Inc., he served on the leadership teams for Premier's Corporate IT and Insurance divisions, guiding them through both strategic and tactical plans for improving staff engagement, development, and retention. He designed and facilitated an "empowerment" program that significantly improved how leaders lead and how associates can best impact their work environment and productivity. He is also highly gifted at managing employee relations issues, coaching for better performance, and solving complex business problems. His enthusiasm for the work he does every day is infectious and Tyree can help any person or organization to be their best.

John Toohey

Senior Digital Director at YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Tyree has been, and continues to be, a very positive influence on me. He is what every HR professional should be: professional, compassionate, educated and dedicated. I have had the privilege of working with Tyree on several projects, and he brings his "A-game" every time. He is a definitive asset on any task or project. I will continue working with Tyree well into the future.

Cedrick Grady, PMP

Program Manager at Collins Aerospace

Tyree is a great Career Coach. He has helped me tremendously by presenting valuable techniques. Techniques which have allowed me to stay focused on my goals when making business decisions. His professional experience and coaching has guided me to assess a business situation from a perspective I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. He has a genuine concern for helping people identify and achieve success in their lives and career.

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