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Ready Or Not, You're a Physician Leader

Dr. Todd Redden with open arms.

Todd Redden

CEO & Executive Coach , IHA Leadership

Ready or Not – Physician’s are thrust into leadership roles by default.  The patient recognizes them as the expert in the room and the treatment team expects the physician to lead in planning patient care.  In addition, physicians are regularly approached to serve on committees, lead in faculty affairs, supervise Advanced Care Providers, and oversee clinical care in both the acute and ambulatory settings.  

While most have stepped up to lead from an early age, the majority of physicians have never received formal training and most of their experience is measured in emotional and mental scare tissue.

Through 1:1 Coaching, leadership training, or physician retreats; we can provide new and experienced physician leaders with the resources needed to effectively lead other physicians, faculty, and staff in today’s healthcare and academic environments.

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