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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Dr. Todd Redden with open arms.

Todd Redden

CEO & Executive Coach , IHA Leadership

Do you know your team?  Do you truly know your team, and how much insight do you have  into your own behavior, your leadership style, or your blind spots? Our consultants have extensive experience with individual leadership and team assessments.  Now only can we assist  you in better understanding your degree of Emotional Intelligence, we can help your team better understand their own traits that can either strengthen the team or undermine its success toward being a High Performing Team.

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Critical Thinking: Diving Deeper

There are checklists and planners for every task imaginable nowadays. As important as checklists are, they may cloud a broader perspective or more wholistic considerations.

Effective Communication Principles

Clear and effective communication is important to any relationship.

Leading High Performance Teams

High performing teams are engaged, goal-oriented, and well known for excellent performance. These teams are not siloed and seek opportunities to connect to purpose.

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