Coaching and Developing Physicians to Their Full Potential While Reconnecting Them to the Joy of Practicing Medicine.

Professional coaching and development services for physicians, nurses, ACPs, faculty, and executive leaders.

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We provide an array of services to assist our clients both personally and professionally.   We do recognize that our clients may bring topics to the coaching session that impact one area of their lives more than another area.

Professional & Personal Coaching

There is no shame in the experience, only in the blind refusal to address it.  When we stop learning, we stop growing. Partnering with our professional coaches provides a means of self-reflection and personal/professional development.

Executive and Non-Executive Leadership Development

We provide a variety of individual and group leadership development services for new and existing leaders.  These services can be delivered through a variety of modalities depending on the needs of the target audience.

Professional & Personal Life Blending & Well-Being

Organizations driven by quality metrics, profits, and market-share, mixed with risk and external oversight can take a toll on any team, especially those at the helm of the organization.

Professional Speaking Engagements

Presentation formats have included keynote addresses, plenary sessions, white paper presentations, retreats, break-out sessions and research forums.


Our team possesses more than 50 years of combined leadership development, teaching and coaching experience within complex organizations.  In addition, we have served in leadership roles ourselves, and recognize the needs of leaders to be at the top of their game.

Dr Wayne Sotile

Wayne M. Sotile, PhD

The Sotile Center for Resilience - Psychologist, Author, Speaker

"Dr. Todd Redden passes my two-part 'litmus test' for a non-physician who works effectively with physicians: (a) He understands and respects physicians; and (b) When it comes to practicing his trade -- developing healthcare leaders --he knows what he is doing. I recommend him, highly!"

S.M., MD


"I would highly recommend Dr. Todd Redden for any professional coaching needs you may have. I sought out his assistance in helping with interpersonal relationships at work. He gave me the necessary tools and confidence to make positive changes. Today, I am much happier and satisfied at work and feel I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Redden."

D.J., MD


"I found Todd to be an experienced coach who listens carefully and facilitates self-awareness and insight. Todd has the appropriate empathy that all healthcare professionals should have which makes discussion of deeply personal topics straightforward. He has a handle on current helpful resources to encourage personal growth and satisfaction in the workplace. I enthusiastically recommend him as a coach."

Dr. James Taylor

James Taylor, PhD

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) - Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management Officer

"Compelling, practical, and wise! Dr. Redden is a skilled coach and seasoned corporate executive who has marked the route that every manager can take to assume the mantle of building the next generation of effective leaders. I have experienced his ability to influence and shape organizational culture firsthand..."

Dr Michael Ruhlen

Michael Ruhlen, MD, MHCM, FACHE

Vice President, Medical Education, Atrium Health

"Dr. Redden brings a wealth of significant leadership experiences, formal training in both Clinical Psychology and Leadership, an amazing sense of humor and an impressive capacity for empathy to his work. He is uniquely positioned to drive the advancement of future healthcare leaders of all disciplines..."

Dr. Kim LIttle

Kim Little, PhD

Longwood University - Chair/Director, Department of Nursing

"Dr. Todd Redden passes my two-part 'litmus test' for a non-physician who works effectively with physicians: (a) He understands and respects physicians; and (b) When it comes to practicing his trade -- developing healthcare leaders --he knows what he is doing. I recommend him, highly!"

Jon Joffe

Jon Joffe, MA

The University of Kansas Health System - Vice President, Human Resources - (Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Atrium Health)

"The leadership expertise needed to coach and develop clinical staff is paramount for successful delivery of healthcare services to a community. Under Todd’s leadership at Atrium Health, we were able to provide exceptional experiences to our physicians, resident’s, nurses and leadership teams. Todd brings enthusiasm for improved performance to every conversation..."

Tyree Harris, MSEd, CPC, ACC

HMR Veterans Services, Inc. - Corporate Vice President, Human Resources

"I had the pleasure of working with Todd for three years as a member of the HR leadership team at Atrium Health. He and I co-facilitated the leadership education and orientation class for new leaders to the organization. I enjoyed facilitating with Todd because he is a very skillful facilitator with a brilliant mind, and sharp wit..."

Sam Smith Jr.

Sam Smith Jr., MBA, CPRW

United Way of Central Carolinas - Director of External Partnerships

“Dr. Todd Redden is an inclusive leader and an authentic person. He was instrumental through his mentorship with me in securing my current position with the United Way of Central Carolinas. He effectively coached me through various scenarios of my career trajectory and why accepting this role would align with my long-term goal.  From facilitation to execution, Todd is an expert when it comes to leadership and coaching.”

Ready Or Not, You're a Physician Leader

While most have stepped up to lead from an early age, the majority of physicians have never received formal training.

Leading vs. Managing

Yes, there is a difference, and sometimes the difference is stark.

Effective Leadership Principles

Leadership styles vary, but there are several time-tested principles when applied consistently that are key in leading engaged high-performing teams.

A Toxic Environment and Corporate Corrosion

A toxic environment can present itself in many forms. Examples might include bullying behavior, retaliation, cliques, gossip, harassment or attempts to undermine leadership.

Leading Through Change

It’s been said that the only constant is change. However, regardless of how often things change, human nature continues to resist it.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Do you know your team? Do you truly know your team, and how much insight do you have into your own behavior, your leadership style, or your blind spots?

Leading High Performance Teams

High performing teams are engaged, goal-oriented, and well known for excellent performance. These teams are not siloed and seek opportunities to connect to purpose.

The Blend: Managing Work-Life Balance

Leaders who care about what consumes their personal and professional lives spend a considerable amount of time trying to make room for both.

Self-Preservation in Complex Organizations

Just a few years ago a leader, new to his healthcare organization, shared that his introduction to many of his colleagues was when they called him angry that they had been excluded from one of his meetings.

Teammate Engagement

High performing teams are engaged teams. Engaged teams will not defect for a couple dollars more an hour.

Effective Communication Principles

Clear and effective communication is important to any relationship.

Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment

In our experience, students don’t often come to the classroom prepared as adult learners.

Understanding Power & Politics

Who controls the resources? How are decisions made within your organization?

Dealing with Difficult People

Some have said, “if it wasn’t for the people, I’d love my job”. The people are the primary contributors to the complexities (and challenges) of healthcare and academic settings.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

The giving and receiving of feedback is constant, whether it’s through spoken or written words, or through tone of voice or body language.

Balancing Your Wheel of Well-Being

Taking into consideration the seven dimensions of well-being (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental),

Everyday Self-Care

Learn techniques that allow for the prevention of burnout.

Critical Thinking: Diving Deeper

There are checklists and planners for every task imaginable nowadays. As important as checklists are, they may cloud a broader perspective or more wholistic considerations.

Navigating Personalities on Your Team

You have a vision, but your colleagues can’t see the forest for the trees. The messiness of your colleague’s desk is bothersome to you—“How can she find anything?”

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