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Teammate Engagement

Dr. Todd Redden with open arms.

Todd Redden

CEO & Executive Coach , IHA Leadership

High performing teams are engaged teams.  Engaged teams will not defect for a couple dollars more an hour.  Engaged teams will work through change and follow their leader, not because of their leader’s title or threat of being fired, but out of commitment and a shared vision.  Add the complexities and size of today’s healthcare and academic systems, it becomes clear that teammate engagement must be a priority each day for every leader.  However, we happen to believe the teammates also play an important role in maintaining a high level of engagement, but it must be modeled by their leaders.  Let us work with you and your team(s) to address engagement with a culture assessment and application of best practices.  As a result, you’ll see an improvement in employee satisfaction, trust, retention rates and performance.

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