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Navigating Personalities on Your Team

Dr. Todd Redden with open arms.

Todd Redden

CEO & Executive Coach , IHA Leadership

You have a vision, but your colleagues can’t see the forest for the trees. The messiness of your colleague’s desk is bothersome to you—“How can she find anything?” Personality traits are manifested through a variety of behaviors and habits. Learning about your own personality, as well as your colleagues’ personalities create an environment of openness and better communication.

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The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

The giving and receiving of feedback is constant, whether it’s through spoken or written words, or through tone of voice or body language.

Self-Preservation in Complex Organizations

Just a few years ago a leader, new to his healthcare organization, shared that his introduction to many of his colleagues was when they called him angry that they had been excluded from one of his meetings.

Leading vs. Managing

Yes, there is a difference, and sometimes the difference is stark.

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