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Everyday Self-Care

Dr. Todd Redden with open arms.

Todd Redden

CEO & Executive Coach , IHA Leadership

Learn techniques that allow for the prevention of burnout. When you use Everyday Self Care techniques every day, habits of mindfulness and gratitude stave off the pressures and stressors that lead to burnout.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Do you know your team? Do you truly know your team, and how much insight do you have into your own behavior, your leadership style, or your blind spots?

Effective Leadership Principles

Leadership styles vary, but there are several time-tested principles when applied consistently that are key in leading engaged high-performing teams.

Self-Preservation in Complex Organizations

Just a few years ago a leader, new to his healthcare organization, shared that his introduction to many of his colleagues was when they called him angry that they had been excluded from one of his meetings.

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